Toyota Land Cruiser 100/Amazon, Lexus LX 470

since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Toyota Land Cruiser, Amazon, LX470 Lexus
+ Identification numbers of the car
+ Governing bodies and receptions of safe operation of the car
+ Settings and routine maintenance of the car
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling of the engine, salon and air conditioning heating
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Control systems of the engine and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
+ gear shifting Box
+ Transmission line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
- Body
   Care of components of a body and car bottom
   Care of vinyl elements of furnish
   Care of an upholstery and salon carpets
   Repair of insignificant damages of body panels
   Repair of seriously damaged body panels
   Service of loops and car locks
   Replacement wind and other fixed glasses
   Removal, installation and adjustment of provision of a cowl
   Removal and installation of a latch of the lock of a cowl and cable of its drive
   Removal and installation of a decorative front grille
   Removal and installation of forward and back bumpers
   Removal and installation of panels of an internal upholstery of doors
   Removal and installation of external rear-view mirrors
   Removal, installation and adjustment of doors
   Removal and installation of forward wings
   Removal, installation and adjustment of a door of a back
   Removal and installation flew down also a regulator of a window regulator of a door of a back
   Removal and installation of door glasses
   Removal and installation of regulators of window regulators
   Removal and installation of latches, zamkovy cylinders and door handles
   Removal and installation of a cover of the top hatch with a drive
   Removal and installation of a casing of a steering column
   Removal and installation of the central console
   Removal and installation finishing and main dashboard sections
   Removal and installation of a lattice of an air inlet of a forward fairing
   Removal and installation of seats
   Removal and installation of an internal rear-view mirror
+ Onboard electric equipment

Removal and installation of a cover of the top hatch with a drive

At removal of internal overlays of an upholstery be reserved by various clip-on earrings – ри removal they often break.

Arrangement of elements of management of a cover of the top hatch


1. Remove the following components:

  • Overlay of a threshold of a door of a back;
  • Back seat;
  • Left and right lateral upholstery;
  • Lateral overlay of a back seat;
  • Overlay of a threshold of a back door;
  • Forward bottom lateral slip;
  • Facings of an aperture of a lobby and back door;
  • Bottom overlay of the central rack;
  • Humeral clamp (anchor) of a seat belt of a forward seat;
  • Top facing of the central rack;
  • Seat belt regulator on height;
  • Both external clamps (anchor) of seat belts of a back seat;
  • Overlay of the third rack;
  • Overlay of a back rack;
  • Top handles;
  • Overlay of a forward rack and peaks with arms;
  • Internal rear-view mirror;
  • Forward and back lamps of illumination of salon;
  • Facing of a doorway of a back;
  • Molding of the top hatch;

2. Remove the management switch, having uncovered. Unfasten a cover from the case, unscrew switch fastening. Separate the socket and remove the switch with an arm (address to an illustration above).
3. Remove clip-on earrings of fastening of the panel of a ceiling.
4. Dismantle the relay of management of a drive of a cover of the top hatch and disconnect from it the socket.
5. Unscrew bolts of fastening of a drive with an arm. Remove a drive and separate the socket.
6. Remove overlays of the hatch. Having hooked from the inside, unhook clip-on earrings of slips.
7. Remove hatch glass. Unscrew nuts and remove washers. In total there should be six washers. Glass acts in film up.
8. Remove the drive tunnel.
9. Remove a vetrootboynik.
10. Disconnect a drainage hose and remove the case of a cover of the hatch.
11. Adjust a trench of a drive of a cover of the hatch. A screw-driver shift draft forward or back for combination of two labels.
12. Adjust and establish drive knot as follows:

   a. Unscrew the screw and uncover a kulachkovy plate;
   b. Unscrew the big screw, remove washers;
   c. Turn a power shaft a screw-driver so that to combine dot labels on the case and a gear wheel;
   d. Establish a cover of a kulachkovy plate, having fixed it the screw;
   e. Establish knot of a drive and fix four bolts;
   f. Attach the socket.

13. Establish the relay of management of a drive together with an arm, attach the socket.
14. Establish the remained details as it should be, the return to removal.